Friday, January 28, 2011

The Adventures of Evelyn

Here are just a few tidbits relating to Nyack's Glass House Lady.
Evelyn Ward Leigh Collishaw, a self-proclaimed nudist and vegetarian, provided a bit of entertainment for Nyackers -- Mainly during the 1930's.

LOCAL WOMAN TO ABANDON GLASS HOUSE.; Winter Weather Intolerable for Evelyn Ward Leigh. Glass House Lady Plans to Quit Nyack.
NYACK, N.Y. Mrs. Leigh will abandon her home of glass to spend the Winter in Panama.

NYACK, N.Y. --Mrs. Ward Leigh, who claims to be vegetarian, was broiling steaks inside her glass house.

GLASS HOUSE FIRE DUE TO SUN, NOT STEAK. Nyack Firemen Report Fire Cause as Combination of Glass and Sunshine. Rays of Sunlight Cause Fire in Glass House.

GLASS HOUSE LADY'S BANANA TREES SUFFERING: Not Enough Sun. Glass House Lady Distraught Over Loss of Tropical Plants. Banana Trees No Longer Vigorous. Some Rare Plants Lost.

— Loss of Her Trousered Horse Reveals That Mrs.Evelyn Leigh Wed Nyack Taxi Man.

Glass House Lady Owns Only Trousered Horse in Nyack
It Is Said to Have Been Reported as Abandoned While Owner on Honeymoon.

Bride Is Sun-Worshipper
. Tropical Honeymoon for Glass House Lady.
NYACK, N.Y.--Mrs. Ward Leigh, better known to her neighbors as the Lady in the Glass House, has lost her horse “ Lady ” the only trousered animal in Nyack. Mrs. Leigh found a husband, a Nyack taxi driver. This became known today, despite the transparency of Mrs. Leigh's affairs, when the bridegroom, Herbert Collishaw, asked the police about the horse, which had been left in the care of a neighbor.

NYACK GLASS HOUSE LADY ROBBED --Glass House Lady Returns From Florida to Find Home Ruined. Personal Possessions Stolen.
Broken Glass Everywhere.
--NYACK, N.Y. -- Mrs. Evelyn Collishaw returned after a winter in Florida to find her glass house vandalized. Mrs.Collishaw has said that she intends to receive aid from President Roosevelt himself, and states that she will continue to ignore the Nyack Police Department for obvious reasons.

GLASS HOUSE LADY SHATTERED BY ROBBERY--Clothing and furnishings destroyed.

GLASS HOUSE LADY SELLS HOUSE -- Non Conformist Leaves Nyack for Sunnier Climes. Mrs. Collishaw Delicate: "Feels Stranded " in Nyack. Rainy Summer Effects Glass House Lady. Inclement Weather: Mrs.Collishaw finds Cloudy Days Here Thoroughly Disagreeable. Glass House Lady Seeks Sunnier Life Elsewhere.

NYACK GLASS HOUSE WHOLLY REMODELED -- New Owner States Privacy a Factor. Considerable Changes Made ... Former Home of Mrs. Evelyn Collishaw.

Less Glass: Privacy Valued by New Owner of " Glass House " .

“When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.” ~ Mark Twain